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VetMaster requires 32-bit Windows 7,8 or 10      Update 7.028 04/13/21


7.024 Email is sent using the Windows default email program so there is no configuration.
If using an online service, the last message can be pasted into the online editor.
7.025 A PDF file may be copied from a USB drive by clicking [GetUSB].
7.026 Enter key can be pressed after naming PDF or click [Copy to server]
7.027 Cache increased for better performance and closing preimage files
7.028 Ability to recover a deleted patient from a backup

Licensed Windows 10 64-bit users may also download 32-bit Windows 10 for free onto same machine.
Download Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool will require a 8GB or larger flash drive
Create installation media (USB... ) uncheck recommended architecture, select 32-bit.
Restart machine with USB drive and install 32-bit Windows 10 into another partition.

Each time a new rabies vaccine is received, please increment the vaccine lot number.
Invoice with a single code

Software is sold only for use within the United States  
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