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VetMaster is $1295
Updates and phone support is $400 per year

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VetMaster requires 32-bit Windows      End User License Agreement (eula.txt)

Support for versions before 7.0 will be discontinued in 2022
Please backup before all updates       Update 7.031 10/11/21

32-bit version of Windows to start VetMaster
VetMaster supports 20-work stations at no additional cost
All VetMaster files are installed onto 1-machine called "the server'
"The server" can be 64-bit Windows without the ability to start VetMaster
VetMaster will run on 64-bit machines running a 32-bit operating system in the free Oracle Virtual Box

Thousands of dollars can be saved by buying inexpensive work stations
Thousands of dollars can be saved by not paying for monthly cloud services
The cloud is not more secure than running a local network
Many data breaches have occurred on cloud servers and internet access can be be disrupted
VetMaster can run on a laptop if the power goes out for an extended amount of time