VetMaster runs circles around other programs by displaying information as you type.  Many have told us
that it is actually fun to use.    The program is faster and easier to use than program costing thousands.

Press F7 Setup for the Fee Schedule      Press F8 Setup for practice information     F9 Setup for Rabies Certificate

TO USE THE PROGRAM                        Return to main page 

Options are alphabetical, highlighted and available with a click or press.
Click or press ? question mark for help

A Add client        B Balance search         C Client number search
Due calls         E End program            F Folder/id search
G Grand totals      H History search         I Invoices 
J Just search       K Keyword search         L Look totals   
M Memo search       N Name search            O Other options 
P Patient name      Q Quick list             R Rabies search
S Species           T Top of form            U Unposted
V View caller id    W Work results           X Last caller
Z Zip code search   F7 Fee Schedule          F8 Setup practice
F9 Setup rabies 

The most common task is finding a client/patient, invoicing them and printing a walkout.
Press N  for Name search, find  client, press I for invoice, select items, post and print.


BACKUP  (do not use CD)
We do not suggest CD backup.  CD's do not verify that the data is there and can wear out!
If you backup to CD continually check that the files can be copied and run on another machine!

We backup to removable USB 3.0 devices which can be plugged into any of our machines. 
The USB drivers are installed on each machine in our network so any machine can be used.
This is a  better approach.   The system can be copied to any machine.
This can be  automated by clicking or pressing End  Command to backup at the Main Menu

If backing up to Iomega Zip disks use a different disk for each day of the week.  Label them Sunday through
Monday and backup to the correct disk each day.   This gives you much more protection.  It is also a good
idea to periodically take a disk outside of the practice.

Hint:  Add a  second line to your [C]ommand to backup statement to copy to a workstation.
The workstation needs a sharable folder.   "Z:" is mapped to a workstation in this example.

XCOPY /E/R/Y/F/D   *.*   Z:\UNIQUE\*.* 
Test the backup:  RUN  Z:\UNIQUE\GO                                              Return to main page

/E backup directories and subdirectories even if empty
/R allows overwriting read-only files
/Y eliminates asking for yes/no answers
/F  full names are displayed while copying  (optional)
/D backup only files whose source file is newer than destination file  (optional)

BATTERY BACKUP for each computer
All systems should be backed up daily and protected by a UPS (uninterruptible power supply.)   This is a must
for all systems.  Power outages can cause data loss and damage the computer.   

Versions before 5.627 must be updated if support for Windows print drivers is required.   Old printers had
electronics in them to generate characters.   Printer manufacturers have reduced the cost of printers by
installing  print driver programs to generate the characters by the computer instead of the printer.   
Newer versions of our software have the option tilde + x to support print direct or using the print driver.
Printing direct is only supported by printers with electronics in them to generate characters.   

Where can I buy a Dymo Label Writer 400 Turbo?
Where can I buy thermal Rx labels for a Dymo printer?

Label size in Windows:  printer,  properties,  paper tab (diskette 30324),  apply,  ok.
Label settings  in Doty:  [ ~ tilde] ,  [ R]x  select  Dymo printer
The [~ tilde  key]  is located (left of the 1 key)(above the Tab key)(under the Esc key)

Can I bypass the print driver for faster printing using XP to an LPT port with a printer that doesn't need a driver?   Yes.
Type  NET USE LPT2:  \\MachineName\PrinterShareName /Persistent:Yes   at a command prompt one-time only.
Replace MachineName and PrinterShareName with the correct names from the machine sharing the printer.
Be sure  the printer is marked sharable on the machine hooked to the printer.   
Print a test page from the workstation to be sure connection is being made.
An icon must appear for the printer on the workstation for this to work

You may now set VetMaster's tilde key + X menu to route the walkout printer to LPT2 in this example.
In Doty:  press tilde key + X    PRINT DIRECT will appear in the upper right hand corner of the Main Menu

CALLER ID                                                                            Return to main page
Doty automatically accesses the record if the phone number is on file.   Fantastic for client relations.
Caller id adapters from Rochelle Communication may not be available in the future.
Turn computer off
Unplug phone line from wall
Plug  phone jack splitter  in
Plug phone line back in 
Plug new phone line in that will go to computer
Plug Ani-232 adapter into phone line
Plug Ani-232 adapter into cord supplied
Plug cord supplied into 9-pin serial port on back of computer
Start computer
Run \UNIQUE\CI95.EXE  or place CI95.EXE in startup so it starts automatically

Caller id information can be shared to any  terminal running Doty.
Press  tilde key  from a terminal and change Caller id to Yes

Rochelle shopping cart   (Ani-232 Adapter Part# 2001  $70.00)  and (Cable Kit Part# 2001-c   $9.95)
The cable kit includes 25-9 pin cable,  phone line cable, and phone jack splitter

Shopping cart filled in with both items above

Useful for compressing multiple files into one ".zip" file for transmitting over the internet

PkZip download   WinZip download

Norton live update only updates  Thursdays.  
Intelligent Updater

Microsoft Office security patches and updates

Windows update

Starting "GO.BAT" in the default folder "PETSDEMO"

Shortcuts to start the program use  c:\petsdemo\go.batc:\petsdemo\ may be modified, but never "go.bat".

--- Manually creating a shortcut ---

Right Click on the Windows Desktop between the icons at any blank spot
Click New
Click ShortCut 
Type c:\petsdemo\go.bat and Click Next or press Enter key 
Type Doty Software Demo (or any descriptive name) and Click Next or press Enter key

Most used feature in a nutshell.  Find client/patient and create an invoice

--- Find Client and go to Client/Patient Screen ---
Click or press "N" for name search and type part of client last name (records displayed as you type)
Click or press function key  ( F1, F2, F3  ...) in front of patient.   Switch between patients of the client by pressing F10 key.

--- Client/Patient Screen ---
All invoicing and modifying of patient information is done from here.

--- To create an invoice ---
Press the letter "I"
Type some codes or select a code or group from the list.
When done, press the minus "-" sign.
Press "W"alkout. The system will ask if the date is correct once per day.

To exit any screen, press Esc key or right click.
Right clicking twice on a screen can be used to exit the program quickly.

Disable Epson Status Monitor for Stylus CX4600 series printers

Right click on the Printer icon and select PRINTING PREFERENCES.
Click on the MAINTENANCE tab
Click on the SPEED and PROGRESS button in the bottom right of the window
 Put a Check Mark next to DISABLE EPSON STATUS MONITOR 3
Click on APPLY if available and then OK,
Close all the Windows that are open and the printer and system should then work fine for you

INTERNET SECURITY CHECK  Gibson Research (be sure to check out Shields Up) 

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