VetMaster 2022 prices for 32-bit Windows (prices are subject to change without notice)

End User License Agreement (EULA) must be read and accepted.  It can be downloaded and read by clicking here.

Price using a check:

Updates/support for 1-year                   $400.00

Updates/support if behind 1-year             $800.00

VetMaster with 1-year support               $1295.00   

Price using a credit card:
Updates/support for 1-year                   $412.26      

Updates/support if behind 1-year             $824.20      

VetMaster + 1-year of support               $1333.99     

VetMaster is sold with support for 1-year for $1295 when purchased by check
Updates and support after the first year is $400 per year if account is current.
To receive updates and support after 2-years requires repurchasing at the current price.


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